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The following poems have been written by me, for my husband Hamada, who suffered from Multiple Myeloma [IgG Kappa] a cancer of the plasma cells, which are found in the bone marrow. After many months of chemotherapy, contracting pneumonia twice, once given only twelve hours to live and having three bad fractures to his spine and also showing in his Pelvis, he made it to four years seven months. The Multiple Myeloma attacked his Kidneys first showing at diagnosis in May 2006 leaving Hamada only a small percentage of kidney function. He never complained, using his most amazing smile even when I knew he had severe pain. Hamada underwent a Stem Cell Transplant using his own 'harvested stem cells' . During October 2007 he spent seventeen days in the "Centre For Clinical Haematology" at Nottingham City Hospital UK. where he achieved this transplant. We had a scare at six months after transplant, when told 'the beast was back' but subsequent tests showed a partial remission. Again in early 2009 it was confirmed that Hamada was out of remission He fought again during 2010 with newer chemo type drugs. First with Velcade and then with Revlimid but to no avail. His Kidneys were failing further and Hamada chose not to have dialysis. This blog contains poems and updates, written for Hamada, telling of our life together.
Now a beautiful book has been published, see http://www.susiehemingway.com/books/
showing Hamada's personal fight against Multiple Myeloma in the first fifty 'poems of love' written by me his wife. I hope you like these poems of love and also 'our story' dedicated to Hamada, who passed away peacefully at home on 23 November 2010 after a most courageous fight against Multiple Myeloma.

01 September, 2007

If I Could Dream You Well Again - by Susie Hemingway

In dreams I make you well again
in the quiet of the night
you run with me, in endless flight,
far away in thoughts of long ago
we run on beaches sailing to
deserted islands, strong were the arms
that pulled the boat ashore.,
In dreams I see you there once more.

In dreams I make you well again
your long limbs brown and strong,
the warm breezes puff at our skin
we swim in blue waters
you touching my nose and cheeks,
the droplets of crystal waters
dry with salty streaks,
In dreams the picture never alters,
In dreams I see you there once more.

In dreams I make you well again
to walk the sands with me
you standing tall, with eyes so clear
from El Salam* unto the sea,
to see the lighthouse in the bay
for you to breathe that salty air
for you to brush my long fair hair
In dreams I see you there once more.

In dreams I make you well again
in the quiet velvet of the night
the smile that changed my life
from dusk until the light,
in dreams you dance with me
on islands in deep blue seas,
close your eyes and dream with me
see those 'najoods' that stand like waves
see those golden seas of sand
see the place you held my hand.

*najoods - Sand dunes.
*favourite hotel

@ Copyright 2007


Hamada Amen Moursi said...

for me this is the summary of all the love and power of my Susie

Russell Fulmer said...

A complete and sumptuously sublimily beautiful poem.

Johnathan Clifford said...

Such a romantic poem, it took me with you both. Johnathan Clifford USA

Anonymous said...

You will make him well again in spirit and in soul

Jewel said...

gorgeous work susie.


Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you so much Dear Hamada, and with special thanks to dear Russell, Johnathan, Anonymous, and also to dear jewel for your wonderful comments on this lastest poem. Thank you for taking time from your busy lives to give your kind opinions.

Annie Nelson said...

Another lovely piece of work Susie
very powerful, full of romance. Annie Nelson U.S.A

Jean said...

Keep up the great work Susie, we are all reading and hoping for progress for Hamada. Your poems are an inspiration. We love them.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Annie for your lovely comments, so nice to hear from you again x

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you so much Jean, all best wishes to you.

Francis Taylor said...

A complete and very fine verse. Full of Love.

Mark - Cairo Egypt said...

Very sweet and romantic poem of a dream that free everyone from what they have in real life, and Susie succed to join and combine the memory with a dream, memory of the passed good times and make her living in that endless dream that she wish she never awakes from that dream and face reality. Mark Cairo.
Posted from 'MySpace'

Susie Hemingway said...

Thanks you Francis for your nice comments.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Dear Mark for your lovely comments as usual. I so value your generous thoughts on my poems and thank you for being such a good friend. Say hello to Cairo for me. 'Dip your toes once in the Nile and you will always return...'

Jimmy said...

I really find this poem so moving and very romantic - wish I could find love like this.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Jimmy for your lovely comments - I sincerely hope you find your love- best wishes Susie

Terry Stubbs said...

A wonderful poem containing a sincere wish in a dream, great stuff Terry Stubbs

Kelly Powers USA said...

Wonderful poem good strong sentiments and very romantic. A gorgeous poem.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Terry for your lovely comments. Best Wishes to you.

Susie Hemingway said...

What wonderful comments Kelly thank you. I am so glad you like my poem. Best Wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank for this superb poem. I can relate to this - Multiple Myeloma Sufferer.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem. Dreams are our escape from reality for such a short period aren't they? keep the faith, all will be well again Judy. MySpace

Anonymous said...

Comment from MySpace friend Mags: Once again lovely! your an excellent poet. Such poignant words

Susie Hemingway said...

Thanks to Mags, Judy (My Space) and Annonymous for your kind comments on "If I Could Dream You Well Again"

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