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The following poems have been written by me, for my husband Hamada, who suffered from Multiple Myeloma [IgG Kappa] a cancer of the plasma cells, which are found in the bone marrow. After many months of chemotherapy, contracting pneumonia twice, once given only twelve hours to live and having three bad fractures to his spine and also showing in his Pelvis, he made it to four years seven months. The Multiple Myeloma attacked his Kidneys first showing at diagnosis in May 2006 leaving Hamada only a small percentage of kidney function. He never complained, using his most amazing smile even when I knew he had severe pain. Hamada underwent a Stem Cell Transplant using his own 'harvested stem cells' . During October 2007 he spent seventeen days in the "Centre For Clinical Haematology" at Nottingham City Hospital UK. where he achieved this transplant. We had a scare at six months after transplant, when told 'the beast was back' but subsequent tests showed a partial remission. Again in early 2009 it was confirmed that Hamada was out of remission He fought again during 2010 with newer chemo type drugs. First with Velcade and then with Revlimid but to no avail. His Kidneys were failing further and Hamada chose not to have dialysis. This blog contains poems and updates, written for Hamada, telling of our life together.
Now a beautiful book has been published, see http://www.susiehemingway.com/books/
showing Hamada's personal fight against Multiple Myeloma in the first fifty 'poems of love' written by me his wife. I hope you like these poems of love and also 'our story' dedicated to Hamada, who passed away peacefully at home on 23 November 2010 after a most courageous fight against Multiple Myeloma.

22 August, 2009

"Calm Are The Seas" - by Susie Hemingway.

Calm are the seas we travel now,
the sail is down
how tranquil is the ocean,
we drift past the deserted islands
with their scattered palms and
fallen coconuts,
we lay on the deck, with bronzed
skin and salty mouths
calm are our seas,
the soft magnolia smell of warm breezes
whispers through our hair
all is blue, placid and serene,
I am here with you, for once
essential as the mainstay
Calm are our Seas...

Photo: Personal Oil Painting - somewhere special in Oman.
* N.B. See Comments for Dedication.

@ Copyright Susie Hemingway 2009


Susie Hemingway said...

"I wish to include the following email here, sent after dear Karyn had been reading my poems, and to dedicate this Poem "Calm Are The Seas" to a wonderful lady who is making the same journey as our dear Hamada.

They were healing tears, bittersweet, a good kind of appreciative cry if that makes any sense. Your love for Hamada is conveyed, and it made me think of my big love here, that's all. It's funny being on the other side (the one with MM) and worrying more about the one you'll leave behind than your own fear of death...

I am glad you are my friend and while I hate knowing what you and Hamada are also going through, it is good that you are helping educate people. It is so hard to hear the little complaints in life when we have these big things actually happening right in our own homes!

Speaking of, if I EVER make it back over to England, I am sooo looking you up!! The four of us can exchange MM horror stories and funnies!


Anonymous said...

this is an incredible poem and just absolutely beautiful to have dedicated to me!

So one day if I ever get to the point in my art class when I actually paint something, I am already thinking of inscribing a calming painting with your poem for my "Serenity Room".

Diane Deering Tidwell said...

"Beautiful poem and painting."

Anonymous said...

The poem speaks to me and it says it all. And I must tell you that I love the painting, it is so beautiful! Who is the artist?

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Kenth for your comment on "Calm Are The Seas" I truly hope all is calm for you at the moment with your visit to the hospital. Hope all goes well with the treatment and that the horrid M.M. gets what it deserves and quickly!
This painting is rather special to us - I am unable to decipher the signature now, but Hamada and I met the young man in Dubai UAE, the painting shows a place we went to in Oman in the late 80's.
It is in fact more beige in colour than shown here, I added a bit of blue from computer pallet, to match with my poem.(Poetic Licence I believe they call it)
Never-the-less this painting has such a calming influence for me - so I am very please if you appreciated it too! take care Kenth and be well soon.

Pip. NZ said...

"this is great susie keep up the great work"

Posted by Pip

Tabor said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am pleased to return the visit, but I see there is much rich reading ahead of me!

Karen Brook Westhaver said...

Ah, Susie...this is a poem and picture I can step into. No words, just feelings, sensing the gentle rocking of the boat upon the water, comforting, embracing. Writing this next to the ocean with the salt sea aromas fragrancing the air certainly adding yet another dimension. Heartfelt beauty, and an everlasting love which no journey however long or arduous can ever part.

Michael Morse said...

Great words, Susie, I was there as I read. Thanks again.

Sky said...

hi, susie. it is nice to meet you.
thank you for you kind words and compliments.

beautiful poetry and images here. your love-filled words emit tranquility, paint serenity. hamada is surrounded by healing energy, i see.

i never realized when i was younger just how critical good health is, never gave it a thought. as we face serious health issues and our own mortality we come to see the significance of the journey and take nothing for granted. i have walked that path now and have lived in that nebulous place of threat. i know some level of the resulting anxiety and fear.

my best wishes for hamada to attain remission again. i wonder if another transplant is a possibility? the fred hutchinson cancer research center in seattle is the main campus where my treatment clinic, seattle cancer care alliance, is located. people travel to fred hutch from all over to get the specialized treatment they need including stem cell transplants. the poet, jane kenyon, came here from new hampshire for a tranpslant when she was diagnosed with leukemia.
her leukemia transformed and returned, however, despite the successful transplant.

i will do some reading in the archives, as time permits, absorbing this rich environment filled with love and hope.

Susie Hemingway said...

Thank you Sky, Having heard how good Hutchinsons in Seattle is, and also several other good facilities in the US, I would have loved to pursue treatment there but unfortunately when Hamada's Stem Cell Transplant was done, they were only able to glean just over 2 million cells (barely enough for one transplant and absolutely nothing left to freeze)but to give Hamada more time, we went ahead. There can be no more trasnsplants. Bless you for thinking of us and I wish you continuing good health now.

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