~ Poems of Love ~

The following poems have been written by me, for my husband Hamada, who suffered from Multiple Myeloma [IgG Kappa] a cancer of the plasma cells, which are found in the bone marrow. After many months of chemotherapy, contracting pneumonia twice, once given only twelve hours to live and having three bad fractures to his spine and also showing in his Pelvis, he made it to four years seven months. The Multiple Myeloma attacked his Kidneys first showing at diagnosis in May 2006 leaving Hamada only a small percentage of kidney function. He never complained, using his most amazing smile even when I knew he had severe pain. Hamada underwent a Stem Cell Transplant using his own 'harvested stem cells' . During October 2007 he spent seventeen days in the "Centre For Clinical Haematology" at Nottingham City Hospital UK. where he achieved this transplant. We had a scare at six months after transplant, when told 'the beast was back' but subsequent tests showed a partial remission. Again in early 2009 it was confirmed that Hamada was out of remission He fought again during 2010 with newer chemo type drugs. First with Velcade and then with Revlimid but to no avail. His Kidneys were failing further and Hamada chose not to have dialysis. This blog contains poems and updates, written for Hamada, telling of our life together.
Now a beautiful book has been published, see http://www.susiehemingway.com/books/
showing Hamada's personal fight against Multiple Myeloma in the first fifty 'poems of love' written by me his wife. I hope you like these poems of love and also 'our story' dedicated to Hamada, who passed away peacefully at home on 23 November 2010 after a most courageous fight against Multiple Myeloma.

15 October, 2009

~ Secrets Of The Soul - by Susie Hemingway ~ *

In purple see the changing light
the stormy days to passive nights,
in secrets of the soul display
a campaign like tinders falls astray,
and yet, as seasons daily change
you adjust to fight on moving range.
In repetition all a part
this set-piece for you
that's learnt by heart.

I watch thee, I watch thee,
intrepid, fearless
and monumentally brave,
to eagerly face another day,
this gargantuan task,
in febrile waves you make,
the tiny steps you sweetly take.
This rape upon your ravished frame
comes back in haunting waves again,
this personal onslaught so powerfully dealt
in secrets of the soul displayed,
the campaign like tinders falls astray.

And yet in courage you edify
and make my heart to often cry...

*This Poem written in 2008 has been chosen this week, to be included in a new book of poetry called "Fact and Fantasy" by UK Poets, copies of which can be purchased from all good bookshops and also read through The British Library.

@Copyright 2008
All Rights reserved


Michael Morse said...

Whoever selects the poems for the collection is obviously well suited for the task! I read these poems dozens of times and each reading elicits a different response. Similar, but somehow different.

Great job Susie, best wishes to you and Hamada.

Sandy said...

Congratulations, Susie!!! It is clear that you have a singularly remarkable talent, and how wonderful to have such well-deserved recognition!

Betsy said...

I've enjoyed browsing through your poetry and pictures. Lovely...really! Best of luck to your husband!

Dianne West said...

"Congratulations, Susie! This poem, as so many of yours, speaks to me and reveals the similar path our lives follow. Beautiful words as always."

Joan Abegglen Kahley said...

Congratulations, that is so wonderful. You do deserve that honor. Your poetry is so beautiful.

Jenny Robson said...

"Well done Susie, clever you!"

Lori Hudson Puente said...

Lori Hudson Puente CONGRATULATIONS Susie! That is just awesome

Alaine said...

I'm speechless, Susie. I've just read of your huge battle and my heart is heavy. My prayers for you all. xa

Shadow said...

most outstanding poem!

Barry said...

A very touching and elegant poem, I can easily see why it was chosen. Congratulations.

One Woman's Journey said...

Susie, thank you once again on your comment to me. I have been reading a number of your entries and you are so very talented.
Your poem brings tears to my eyes.
Your images - beyone words.

Ellie Robson said...

Well Done Auntie Susie, your poems are marvellous. Very deserved recognition.xx Els.xx

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